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Tips for Working Remotely

publish date: May 8, 2020

With so many of us having shifted workplaces from the office to our homes, it’s more important than ever before that our technology keeps us connected, productive, and secure.  With this in mind, it makes sense to review and enhance technology in order to improve the experience of working from home, from the standpoint of both the company and the employees. We have identified three areas that deserve a closer look when considering how to get the most from technology in this environment: good communication, security, and productivity.  


  • Use a reliable, effective, and secure video conferencing solution (like WebEx, or Teams)
  • Provide a camera and microphone for your employees
  • Check the camera view and project a professional image with your workspace/setting
  • Dress for success – and be mindful of the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Turn on MUTE when you’re not talking… as microphones often pick up extraneous and distracting sounds, like a loud truck driving by, or television in another room
  • Check your presence status, and keep your calendar up to date

People working from home often report that communication and collaboration are the two biggest challenges.  Working from home is quite different than in-person contact, and provides different values and challenges.  Assuring good communication is crucial to maximizing the experience.



  • Backups are crucial – assure that data your staff generates is being backed up, securely and accessibly
  • Require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Anti-Virus (AV) for users connecting to your network
  • Check the operating system (OS) of your staff’s computers. Windows 7 and older are end-of-life and are not supported or getting security updates
  • Install security updates on a timely basis
  • Keep antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spam tools up to date
  • Turn off automatic connections on your Wi-Fi
  • Lock your computer whenever you step away – both at the office and also even at home
  • Be aware that email related to COVID-19 is often malicious, and think twice before opening an attachment or clicking on a link in an email that ties to the pandemic

People working from home create a greater risk of cyber-attack than working at the office, and phishing attempts are actively targeting people working from home. Consider using an employee training solution with regular, short sessions to help keep security top-of-mind with your staff. 



  • Establish and define the home workspace thoughtfully, and gear it toward productivity
  • Consider hardwiring home computers, instead of using a wireless connection
  • Increase your internet bandwidth if necessary
  • Encourage every staff member to treat the day like any other workday, complete with similar morning routines, start times, lunch and other break times, etc.
  • Use a chat tool (like Microsoft’s Teams, or Cisco’ Jabber)
  • For phone calls, consider using headphones with microphone: working with your hands-free is more productive
  • Eat and drink healthy during the workday, and consider taking a walk or another outdoor activity at the end of the workday

Doing what we can to help others stay healthy, happy, productive, and both mentally and physically healthy is a worthwhile choice for all of us to make. Reducing the frustrations that come from slow or inadequate home technology helps. Being mindful of the whole picture – the technological and the personal – gives your company and employees the best chance at success. 

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