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Staff Augmentation

// Staff Augmentation

Life happens, and there are times when your company encounters the unexpected which can create a gap in your IT staffing. Whatever the reason - whether it’s temporary or long-term - Intellicom can help your company by putting trained, certified staff at your location by the day, week, month or year.

Virtual CIO

// Virtual CIO

You might find that by partnering with the right company, your contemplated c-level position might not require a full time resource. Intellicom has experience fulfilling vacancies, or giving you a trial run with a contemplated opening for the important CIO or CTO roles.


// Budgeting

Making your company more efficient and driving down operating expense - these really are the hallmarks of an effective IT organization. If you are faced with a buying decision centered on a technology investment, Intellicom is happy to help you with this analysis.

Design - Solution Architect

// Design - Solution Architect

When it comes to technology design, you’re only as good as your weakest link. Intellicom’s experts will make sure aspects of this design, such as cabling on walls, access points, and data storage, are planned to maximize your tech.

Help with Hiring

// Help with Hiring

Is your organization challenged with hiring and supervising technical employees? We carry the expertise to provide your firm with a calm, guiding hand through the hiring process.


// Provisioning

When you move to a new location and change telephone and/or internet providers, the language can get confusing. We’ll make sure you get the most from your new contract, every time.

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