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Hosted Virtual Private Network (VPN)

// Hosted Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Companies that have multiple locations or employees working remotely from home or elsewhere require proven solutions. Let Intellicom show you how a hosted virtual private network (VPN) can be that solution.

Hosted Server

// Hosted Server

With a business to run, you shouldn’t have to worry about your server running correctly. We offer expert management and security for your most crucial servers.

Server PC Deployment

// Server PC Deployment

Setting up PC’s for your business can come with many hidden factors that can create a headache. We can also provide computer networking to insure all your employees can share data and resources.  At Intellicom, we use industry best practices and standard that will have you up and running in no time. 


// Co-location

Do you want the security of a data center but the control of your own equipment? Let us help you do just that with our co-location services that will you keep you secure and in charge.

Cloud Services

// Cloud Services

Office 365, managed firewalls, cloud-based backups, hosted exchange; the future lies in cloud based services. That’s why Intellicom is ready to help you make the transition simple and fun!


// Security

With breaches becoming more common and carrying greater consequences, security is also increasing in its importance. With regulations in place for many industries, Intellicom is your expert to ensure you are covered.

Switching & Routing

// Switching & Routing

Switches and routers are the building blocks of all business communications - from data to voice to wireless to computer networking. Routing and switching are core to your business. They are the infrastructure from which all communication takes place. We have experts to assist in this process.


// Virtualization

One physical server used to perform one task. Now, one server is capable of performing several roles and even housing countless virtual servers within it. We can help with this process and bring you the most efficiency from your equipment.


// Storage

Data is being created in mass quantities that demand you have a place to store and backup such information. Let us be your solution to this problem with smart storage options.


// Design

When it comes to technology design, you’re only as good as your weakest link. Intellicom’s experts will make sure aspects of this design, such as cabling on walls, access points, computer networking and data storage, are planned to maximize your tech.


// Backups

Today’s environment demands efficient, tested backups. With the security threats of today’s age, the only real proven remedy is ensuring you have great backups to make sure you have your data no matter what.

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