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Our Mission

// Our Mission

The opening line of our mission statement reads, "Intellicom will lead the industry by delivering the finest technology solutions available, anywhere." We hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard and believe our customers should as well. We believe in installing and supporting solutions that are deployed in an industry standard, best practice fashion. If your business relies heavily on technology, we want to be your partner.

Our People

// Our People

Our technicians and engineers not only have formal education in a technical field but have also demonstrated their expertise by undertaking rigorous industry certification testing. Our employees also go out of their way to be professional and provide you with exceptional customer service. When you partner with Intellicom, you don’t get an individual assigned to your account; you get an entire IT organization.

Giving Back

// Giving Back

Any company can write a check to a cause and call themselves charitable. At Intellicom, we understand that financial support is just part of supporting organizations. That’s why are committed to not only helping worthy organizations with financial support but also building dynamic relationships that provide lasting support through donation of time and service.

Giving Back

Here are just a few of the amazing organizations we support either financially or through the donation of time.

We don't tell our story, you do...

  • Intellicom is one of those remarkable companies that set out with their values focused on being charitable in the community. They didn't wait to see if they were successful. They made sure that they were incorporating that philosophy from the start all the way through and they have really succeeded!

    Lisa Reese Parish
    Lisa Reese Parish
    Executive Director - Kearney Public Schools Foundation

  • Intellicom provides CCC a way to expand the expertise of our staff without the expense of salary and benefits.

    With Intellicom, I know I’ve got access to the people I need, when I need them, for as long as I need them.

    One of the best parts of working with Intellicom is their integrity.

    Tom Peters
    Tom Peters
    Central Community College - Grand Island, NE

  • With any partner, you need to do due diligence, and there’s even a higher degree of that in the banking business. But I know the folks at Intellicom, and they know our business.

    I trust Intellicom to give an honest and untarnished perspective about what’s best for Five Points Bank.

    Jason Amick
    Jason Amick
    Five Points Bank - Grand Island, NE

  • Intellicom has been a trusted partner of Kearney Eye Institute for over 15 years. The support we receive from them ranges from day to day user support, to 24 hour monitoring of our network, to budgeting and planning for the future. We do not have any dedicated IT staff so we rely on their expertise and value our professional relationship greatly.

    Jill Elliott
    Jill Elliott
    Kearney Eye Institute - Kearney, NE

  • They have a great group of people to work with there. All of their different departments work really hard to help us find solutions for the things that we want to accomplish. And if we do have issues, even if I call people at 10 o'clock at night, they are out here getting things resolved if we need to have that done.

    Shana Dahlgren
    Shana Dahlgren
    KAAPA Ethanol - Minden, NE

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