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publish date: March 14, 2022

We at Intellicom have the privilege of being staffed with some of the most talented people in technology. Our team is committed to work with each unique customer to find a solution that works. When you partner with Intellicom, you don’t get an individual assigned to your account; you get an entire IT organization dedicated to serving you and your organization.

// Helpdesk  Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM CST

During normal business hours, the best way to request support is to email You may also call 308.237.0684 or 877.501.DESK, option 1. In order for us to quickly resolve your issue, it helps if you mention specific details about the issue you are experiencing as well as any error messages you are receiving.

// On-Call  After Business Hours

Our on-call number is answered by a live person who can start resolving your issue immediately. 24/7/365. For on-call support, call 308.237.0684 or 877.501.DESK, option 1.

// Business Development

John Elliott, VP of Business Development
308.237.6425 |
Zac Deeds, Senior Account Manager
308.237.6436 |
Troy Meuret, Purchasing Manager
308.237.6442 |
Craig Peshek, Senior Account Manager
308.237.6415 |


// Customer Service

Todd Herges, Client Services Advocate
308.237.6434 |
Bryan Kuntz, VP of Operations
308.237.6414 |


// Billing

Tammy Blankenship, Accounting Clerk
308.237.6433 |
Eddie Larraga, Financial Manager
308.237.6417 |


// Technical Practice Managers

Brian Hemmer, Microsoft
308.237.6413 |
Jim Shoemaker, Cisco
308.237.6448 |
Jarred Staab, Infrastructure
308.237.6421 |
Rochelle Edwards, Web
308.237.6430 |
Ryan Shearer, Helpdesk
308.237.6432 |

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If you need technical help immediately, call us at 308.237.0684 or 877.501.DESK, option 1.

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