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Product Spotlight: Meraki Firewall

publish date: September 14, 2020

As greater Nebraska’s leading technology provider, Intellicom has years of experience in managed firewall implementation and network security. If you are looking for a better way to secure your location and connect your people and offices, talk to us about our Managed Firewall solution today.

With Intellicom’s Managed Firewall solution, we can take the headache out of installing, managing, and maintaining your next firewall. It is typical for a firewall to be purchased, installed, and then forgotten. In today’s environment, your security is more important than ever. A device as critical as your firewall should be managed constantly and consistently. Since our management console is cloud-based, your firewall will always have the latest firmware updates. If you have upgraded or changed your internet provider, you need to make sure that your firewall is not inhibiting you from taking advantage of the internet speed you are paying for. We see in many scenarios that today’s firewall can allow you to utilize more bandwidth from your ISP (versus older firewalls), which means that after an upgrade, your applications that utilize the internet may run faster, and browsing the internet may be faster too.

Here’s how a Managed Firewall works for you:

  • Cut networking costs. Since this is a monthly subscription model where Intellicom owns the equipment, you eliminate the need for upfront capital investment of expensive equipment, continual equipment upgrades, and additional IT talent to manage and support the solution.
  • Improve performance. Some older firewalls are not capable of allowing throughput at today’s speeds we are seeing from ISP’s. A Managed Firewall from Intellicom can help you maximize bandwidth speed allowing your applications to utilize their full capabilities.
  • Increase security. Intellicom’s Managed Firewall utilizes feature-rich unified threat management capabilities around intrusion detection, content filtering at the organization level, and advanced malware protection (AMP).
  • Painless implementation. Intellicom does everything possible to ensure that you will experience only minimal downtime or business disruption as the service is implemented.
  • Reporting. You will receive a monthly report that outlines any threats detected and provide you insight into your bandwidth utilization. Once a quarter we will also provide a review from an engineer that can help you interpret the results as well as outline any needed action or recommendations.

Contact your account manager at Intellicom today at 308-237-0684 option 2 or

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