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publish date: September 22, 2021

The pace of today’s business communication can create challenges, and of particular importance is the challenge of securing certain sensitive messages and information.  Thankfully there are solutions available to help.  Intellicom actively uses a product from Zix, and we recommend this product to all of our customers. 

Zix “automagically” recognizes messages containing certain factors (for example, account numbers and other identifying numeric information) and then encrypts those messages in the background.  It’s user friendly on the front end, sender side and also on the back end, receiver side. 

For any message that may not contain obviously sensitive information but which a sender wants to encrypt anyway, all it takes is an easy one-step process to add encryption.

Zix is another in a long line of relevant, valuable tools that Intellicom makes available to you through our industry relationships.  If your business has the need for email encryption, we encourage you to reach out for a quote!

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