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publish date: February 1, 2022

Of the many and various items that business managers are called to pay attention to these days, few are as important as assuring the company’s data is secure. And as the cyber bad guys have become so effective, the need for regularly and securely backing up data is, in a word, crucial.  Crucial to the ongoing viability of the business. 

It is truly no longer a question of if a company will be attacked, but when. A secure and recent backup minimizes the impact when an attack happens. Backups don’t prevent attacks, rather they are the foundation companies rest on once an attack has occurred; and not all backup solutions are created equally when it comes to recovery time.  Recovery of business critical systems can be painfully time consuming, and the financial impact of business downtime often extends beyond just revenue loss. Downtime can have a serious impact on a company’s reputation.

Intellicom’s preferred backup, BC/DR (business continuity/disaster recovery) solution is Datto. Datto addresses both the backup and the recovery side of the equation, and does so in a surprisingly cost-effective way. We partnered with Datto after an exhaustive review of available BC/DR tools, and have been overwhelmingly pleased with our decision. Datto enjoys consistently high ratings in the industry, and more importantly to us, it continues to provide excellent support when the worst happens. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can add the Datto safeguard to your company, please reach out!

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