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Building a Positive Relationship with Technology

publish date: July 21, 2016

There is no denying the power of technology in our day to day lives. Technology has the capabilities to help us do great things. It takes productivity to the next level and creates avenues of communication that are unmatched. With this being said, have you ever found yourself being overly attached to your favorite mobile device or piece of technology? These simple tips, broken down to parts of the day, can help you get the most out of your technology without risking your health or relationships.

Starting Your Morning
Did you know that the average time someone spends on Facebook, per visit, is 20 minutes? This may not seem that long, but compounded, it can add up fast.  How many times have you woken up and immediately checked your phone for emails or Facebook?  The time that you’re spending on your device before you get out of bed may be more than you realize.  Just think, you could be well into your morning routine while you are still in bed for that 20 minute visit to Facebook.

Instead, try waking up and beginning your morning without looking at your phone.  Preparing for your day (showering, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast) without the distraction of tech can save you more time than you think.

Take Control of Your Day
Taking control of your day and your tech, of course, involves confronting the idea of multitasking. This is a common practice that many feel help them get more done during the day. In reality, multitasking is shown to be a detriment to productivity and downright dangerous at times.

This is arguably best exemplified with driving.  It goes without saying that using your tech while driving is not a good idea.  In fact, Edgar Snyder & Associates points out that one out of every four car accidents is caused by cell phone use.  If the urge is just too great, there are apps that can prevent you from texting or emailing while you are driving.

Another way to take control of your day is to set specific times for checking your email. This prevents unnecessary interruptions every time you receive a new email (which can be quite often).  Most devices have settings to control how you receive notifications.

Having a healthy relationship with technology doesn’t solely benefit you, either.  Ever been out with someone who is constantly looking at their phone instead of you? Consider putting your tech down during occasions where it just isn’t appropriate. Whether you are going out with friends or spending time with your kids, your full attention is just courteous to those around you.

This isn’t to say that tech can’t be helpful in social occasions. Whether finding the correct address or the best place to eat, using technology has advantages in these cases. It’s simply important to be aware of when it is or isn’t appropriate.

Settling Down
First thing in morning and the last thing at night, right? Consider avoiding screens an hour before going to bed. Studies show that exposing your eyes to the blue light that screens produce actually inhibits the melatonin that tells your brain it’s time to go to sleep.  While features like Apple’s “Night Shift” seek to reduce blue light from devices, reducing your tech use before bed remains the most effective.

As we all know, sleep pattern interruptions can have a negative effect on just about every aspect of life and be severely detrimental to your productivity throughout the day. Instead, try some activities that can lead to the natural “cool down” of the body and prepare you for sleep.

Technology is a tool that can create limitless opportunities. The catch is that this tool can be abused, like others, and become a detriment instead of a benefit. Use these tips in your own life and see how you can transform your relationship with technology for a better, more productive life than ever.

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