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Access Control for Your Business

publish date: August 11, 2022

Access control is a fundamental component of security that dictates who is allowed to access and use a company’s resources. The idea applies to both logical access (to data) and physical access (to facilities). In looking specifically at the physical, it is easy to see why an advanced access control system provides both good value and good protection.

Traditionally, physical access has been governed with locks and keys. Challenges arise when someone who should no longer have access possesses a key, and also when someone who should have access loses their key. The only option in such cases is to re-lock the facility or facilities, and issue new keys to those authorized for access. This is both costly and time-consuming, and leaves a window of opportunity for unauthorized access in the time period between recognition of the problem and the  resolution. Compounding these challenges is the fact that physical keys are reproducible in a way that might remain unknown to those with responsibility for securing a facility.  

A modern access control system can successfully address all of these challenges. It can integrate with Active Directory on your server to facilitate the maintenance of users groups and security settings. If a keycard or fob is used exclusively and is lost, it is easy to instantly and remotely disable the lost device. Same thing if a unique passcode is used exclusively – the access code assigned to a terminated employee or vendor can be easily and instantly disabled.

The cost and difficulty associated with installing a modern access control systems is surprisingly low. Many businesses, from very large to very small, have already taken a strong step toward better, more cost-effective physical security. Has yours?

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