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A Note on the Recent Cyber-Attack

publish date: June 14, 2017

You’ve probably recently heard about the cyber-attack that was executed on an unprecedented scale. The attack was executed globally with more than 150 countries affected; companies of all sizes and various government agencies were targeted. Known as “WannaCry”, this ransomware gains access into the computer, encrypts data, and locks the user out until a ransom has been paid. This has been an increasingly popular tool for hackers who use vulnerabilities in security and software to exploit business for financial gain.

While not an extensive list, we wanted to give you a reminder on basic steps to take to increase your security and decrease your risk for attacks like this one.

  1. Review with every member of your organization the importance of careful browsing habits. It is strongly suggested to never click on unknown links, especially those embedded in email. (This cannot be stressed enough, as the recent examples we’ve seen have resulted from users opening an email that at first glance appeared to be legitimate.)
  2. Assure that all apps (for example your browser; Flash; Java; etc.) are updated with the latest versions, contingent upon compatibility with your company’s third party applications; and that all relevant Microsoft security updates (patches) have been installed.
  3. Make certain that you have a good backup. Intellicom may or may not manage your backup already – if you’re not sure please contact our helpdesk.

This is real and very serious, and we continue to see examples of local companies and individuals being affected by malware.

If you would like our assistance in implementing any of these steps, please let us know by calling us at (308) 237-0684, option 1. We believe that these types of attacks and exploits will continue into the foreseeable future and will require us all to be ever more vigilant with the security of our networks. Intellicom is committed to staying on top of the most current toolsets to help you protect your business.

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